[CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB. Mathematics

Mark Steven Williams k9gx at n4gn.com
Tue Aug 2 23:16:49 EDT 2005

Jeff...and all

Well, I have one for that, too. I used to be N4OKX. Actually received QSL 
cards made out to N40KX (november four-zero kilo xray) and SSB ops who would 
respond to my call like that. Who knows how they logged it.

Now, mechanized glee, that's another thing altogether.

73, Mark, K9GX

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> I was distressed when looking through the PJ2T UBN for
> a CQWW CW to find that we lost two P4 QSOs on 160 meters
> when the operator typed the letter "O" (Oh) instead of
> the digit "0" (zero) in the "P40" prefixes.
> A stupid, very hard-to-find typo that a human log checker
> would never find/penalize, but which the computerized
> log checking finds and penalizes with mechanized glee!
> 73,  Jeff K8ND
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>> ...or do something I do occasionally, enter "E" (echo) when I heard "X"
>> (xray). I have dreaded "Echo-Xray Juxtaposition Syndrome" Badly wired 
>> brain
>> configuration.
>> 73, K9GX

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