[CQ-Contest] Installing N1MM Logger

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Wed Aug 3 22:24:57 EDT 2005

I am using N1MM here with a new Dell Dimension and Windoze XP.  Downloaded 
the program, installed it and worked great--no sweat.  Downloaded the 
upgrade, installed it, no sweat.  Been using the upgrades as they come along 
and it is a great program.  I have 2 separate versions set up in 2 different 
directories.  One for CW and one for RTTY.  Just click on which ever icon on 
the desktop and away I go.  Wonder why mine works so well???  I have a board 
with 6 comports installed.  Have 2 of them set up for 2 radios on CW and 2 
set up for 2 radios on RTTY.  Just a hit "/" to change radios.  I can't see 
how anything could be any easier to use and install.  Haven't used it on SSB 
yet as I can't stand that mode!  But confusing--I'm confused.


Eric Hilding wrote:

> The problem is NOT with my new computer.
> FYI, I just got this direct from yet another contester:
> > I've seen the same thing while installing N1MM. Very confusing.

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