[CQ-Contest] Maybe a better idea for certificates

Mark Perrin mperrin at ordata.com
Thu Aug 4 21:57:11 EDT 2005


Mark N7MQ

At 10:48 AM 08/04/2005 -0700, Bruce Horn wrote:
>As Syl noted in a separate e-mail, I've already built a system that can
>provide full-color, print quality certificates in pdf form for any contest.
>I started with the NAQPs since I do the log checking for all three modes.
>My system would only require a contest or certificate manager to upload the
>information needed for each certificate into a database. The application
>automatically e-mails the recipient that a certificate is available with
>instructions of how to download. The database tracks how many times the
>certificate is downloaded, allows a certificate manager to limit the number
>of times the certificate can be downloaded, and attaches a signature of
>authentication to the certificate. The certificate is created dynamically
>when the user requests the download, so it is only a matter of storing the
>information that will be printed on the certificate for each recipient and
>the blank certificate.
>In the case of the NAQPs, if a certificate recipient has a problem
>downloading the pdf or can't print high quality documents, I print the pdf
>and mail it to them.
>73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn at hornucopia.com)
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