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Sat Aug 6 23:45:41 EDT 2005

This is interesting because I've been emailing privately with Jim, N6TJ. 
Here is an excerpt:
""If, as you and others, suggest contesting is such a small part of CQ then, why not suggest to them to get out of the contest business. Completely 100% stop supporting all contests. It would be an interesting challenge. I will even help them get started, I will never ever, again, participate in any contest sponsored by CQ Magazine. I'm old, tired, and don't need or want the aggravation. This way I'll be fresher for ARRL and other contests. It's a win/win for both of us: CQ won't make me upset and in turn I will not be bludgeoning them for their gross incompetence in running contests.......
Jim I feel like a new man...............""

I think it will be interesting to see how many more guys jump on the bandwagon. We've started the train moving.

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  Ok here my solution to the problem. If I don't subscribe to CQ ( and I 
  don't) I will never see the results. If I win a cert or plaque I will never 
  see it. So I will operate the CQ contests but never submit a log. If more of 
  us do this then the log checkers at CQ will see the number of submitted logs 
  fall sharply and maybe the will realize the problem. Also I will be a Nil in 
  everyone's logs that submits a logs thus more people will be upset I will 
  have fun in the contest and not miss anything as CQ doesn't do anything but 
  make the rules No results for non subscribers and not cert. or plaques for 
  the winners
  For me it is a win win solution

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