[CQ-Contest] Zero Point Qs

sawyered@earthlink.net sawyered at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 1 06:59:00 EST 2005

As we discuss ways to change CQ WW (which I don't understand since it is by far the greatest contest for me and was that way when I lived in W5 and K8 too), some interesting ideas are being presented.

Instead of changing CQ WW, why doesn't this thread turn into CREATING A NEW CONTEST.  Pick a date in APRIL (is there any good DX contest in April??) and lets have fun.  

I certainly hope that suggesters are being genuine in their comments about the goal for suggesting CQ WW changes.  If the goal is really to eliminate CQ WW US zero pointers, its straightforward.  Don't give the guy any reason in the rules to work you and it drops off to next to nothing like ARRL DX.  If the real goal is to try and equalize the score with more favored geos then say so and be men about it.

The fact is, I have not a snowballs chance in hell of winning SS from W1 and I am not advocating changing the score to favor W1.  I think that WPX favors W3/W4/W5/W8/W9 in the low sunspot years and I am not trying to change the rules on that to give me balance.  In fact the recent rule change to allow points for W - W works against me from a score stand point vs. the rest of the US (I can and do work more EU than the winners).

The great thing about contesting is that no matter where you live, there is A contest that favors you and there are many that don't.  If you can't learn to love the contest that favors your Geo, consider moving or going on DXpeditions.

Leave the big ones the way they are and lets put our efforts into creating a new contest in April if we are so inclined.  I'll be the first to volunteer to help out in any way I can.

Ed  N1UR

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