[CQ-Contest] 160 window in ARRL 160m contest,

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Wed Dec 7 20:56:26 EST 2005

> ARRL 160m Contest: Common sense dictates that if the
> 'DX window' contains a number of NA stations (10?)
> calling CQ DX, 'none' of them will make any DX
> contacts. Common sense also dictates that if NA
> stations keep that window clear and only answer DX
> calls there everybody stands a better chance of making
> DX contacts.

I have been following this thread with interest.

What is the difference if 10 Europeans are calling CQ in the window and 100
U.S. stations are calling them, or there are 10 U.S. stations calling CQDX
in the window and 100 Europeans are calling them?

Which operation is the most efficient?

Seems to me to be really efficient, one DX station should call CQ in the
window and only 1 station at a time reply :^)

Course, out here in Oregon, the window don't mean a heck of a lot (even
though I stay out of there) as far as working Europeans goes.

73 and Merry Christmas!!

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