[CQ-Contest] RE: SO2R with KENWOOD Radios +++

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Fri Jan 21 21:35:50 EST 2005

(Re-threaded again for clarity of what appears to be the main culprit: 

Mark, N7MQ wrote:

 > Be nice to see a posted summary of info you recvd.

I plan to do this when the solution is found.  Perhaps I should have 
specified the DXD-Decoder-Dunestar lineup connected to a KENWOOD.

In the interim, it seems most ops are using only 2 of the 3 items in the 
equip lineup.  Bottom line seemed to be, FT-1000's and;

1. Either connecting the Band Decoders to the rig via the "Band Data" port; or,

2. Connecting the Band Decoders to the computer via the computer parallel 
ports (most likely an FULL ISA or PCI card slot used)

Although not clarified, my suspicions are that desktop computers were involved.

So, my revised question will now be:

Is anyone successfully doing SO2R with ALL *FIVE* of the following 
connected in the equipment chain:

1. ONE - TopTen DXD
2. TWO - TopTen Band Decoders
3. TWO - Dunestar 600 Bandpass filters
4. TWO - Kenwood Radios
5. ONE - Notebook Computer (with or without a Docking station)

If so, I view this as a SO2R Contesting "Miracle", and would like to know 
exactly how you pulled it off.  Others would too!

Tnx & 73...

Rick, K6VVA

Cc: kcc-amateur at kenwoodusa.com  ("KENWOOD")

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