[CQ-Contest] RE: SO2R with KENWOOD Radios +++

Joe Subich, K4IK k4ik at subich.com
Sat Jan 22 11:01:00 EST 2005

K5TR writes: 

> There is another way to do what you are trying to do:
> Elecraft makes a box that decodes the band info before it 
> passes it to the comptuer and this box would take the place
> of the top ten band decoders.
> http://www.elecraft.com/KRC2/krc2.htm

For those using Icom radios or not into kit building, 
MicroHam makes a unit that will decode the serial band data 
for any flavor of radio as well as providing CW and PTT 
drivers (open collector transistors).  See: 



   ... Joe, K4IK 

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