[CQ-Contest] RE: SO2R with KENWOOD Radios +++

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Sat Jan 22 16:40:59 EST 2005

It seems as if this job could be reasonably done with some sort of 
serial-to-bcd converter, appropriately programmed for the Kenwoods, 
followed by the TopTen style decoders.  The trouble with this 
new-generation stuff is that it's really pricey, so far.  TopTen-style band 
decoder boards can be bought from W9XT for $20 each.

Another, somewhat related topic.  Ultimately, parallel ports are going away 
too.  Is there any SO2R hardware out there that can sense Radio A/B toggles 
from any source except LPT pin 14?  Is there any logging *software* that 
provides serial A/B switching?

73, Pete N4ZR

At 11:01 AM 1/22/2005, Joe Subich, K4IK wrote:

>K5TR writes:
> > There is another way to do what you are trying to do:
> >
> > Elecraft makes a box that decodes the band info before it
> > passes it to the comptuer and this box would take the place
> > of the top ten band decoders.
> >
> > http://www.elecraft.com/KRC2/krc2.htm
> >
>For those using Icom radios or not into kit building,
>MicroHam makes a unit that will decode the serial band data
>for any flavor of radio as well as providing CW and PTT
>drivers (open collector transistors).  See:
>    http://www.microham.com/band%20decoder.html
>    ... Joe, K4IK
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