[CQ-Contest] Competing in the Daylight

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Mon Oct 10 07:32:16 EDT 2005

It is important to check the messages that the log robots send back to you.
They mean that your log may be malformed in such a way that the log checking
process may not be able to properly score your entry.  Messages like a
missing exchange or invalid data in a column may indeed be an error on your
part(not copied exchange), or typos (didn't hit space and typed exchange in
call field), or they could be software problems(logger didn't put space
between long call and exchange column).  So don't just ignore them, check
them out and make sure you know they are not simple typos or a bug in the
logging software.

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> Regarding the statement below "...but it would not stop the post contest
> 'massaging' of log data."
> On that topic I was rather shocked/surprised today when I submitted this
> year's small-time effort in the California QSO Party and was offered the
> chance, on the sponsors log submittal Web site, to (at least in my view),
> "massage my log" after the contest ended. When I submitted the log their
> new
> software made note of the fact that I had a missing county on one exchange
> and offered me the opportunity of correcting and/or modifying that entry.
> I
> passed since the contest was over but what exactly does the NCCC think
> they
> are doing in offering the chance post-contest to correct mistakes? I
> suppose
> I could have looked up the questionable entry and gained a point or two
> (assuming the station wasn't running a portable operation) but to have the
> sponsor actually point out an obvious logging error and allow and/or
> encourage post contest correction seems a bit much.
> In all other respects (as always) the NCCC did a great job in promoting
> and
> supporting their annual event and the California stations turned out in
> numbers and did a great job as well. However, I'm not all that sure that
> allowing/encouraging post-contest log changes (in the body of the log)
> during the submission process, is such a great idea.
> 73,
> Patrick
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> Opening up the UBN's/logs would be a step in the right direction IMHO, but
> it would not stop the post contest 'massaging' of log data.
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> 73's
> Guy, N7ZG
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