[CQ-Contest] Mobile contesting - not permitted?

Duncan Lindsay -MSC Valencia- duncan at mscvalencia.com
Mon May 8 05:27:07 EDT 2006

Hi Doug


I've put in fair number of mobile entries over the last few years but in all
cases I've either been parked in the same spot for the whole time or moving
within the permitted area. 


Funnily enough CQWW has always accepted my logs but never published the fact
that I was mobile in the results. I'm not sure what the reason is. All the
other contests I've entered mobile (WPX, sprint, ARRL, etc) have published
my mobile results without questioning whether I was or was not moving
around. I did of course sign the declaration that I had abided by the rules.


In any case I agree with you, mobiling is getting easier by the day and it
would be nice if organisers were to make a specific mention as to how to
treat mobile entries.


73 de Duncan EA5ON (mostly mobile)



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