[CQ-Contest] A new Perspective

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Its funny how I remember the likes of LPL, N2AA, N3RS, W4AN complaining of 
the same thing in many contests. Sometimes 100 Miles  makes a huge 
difference, these are all huge stations.. eventually all of them got the 
chance to win the contest, even Bill from Georgia. The texan guys put quite 
a show many times.. obviously
propagation made a big difference.

The way I see it, those guys should have never complained, since they where 
in a much better position than you.. if you look at it in a good way... You 
have all the right to complain!!

on the other hand you have the likes of KS9k, WB9Z and a number of other 
great operators from nearby that
everytime they post a #2 or even a #10.. They get a lot of recognition from 
the guys like us with the seabreeze
in our favor. I and many others spend significant time watching and 
marveling at these wonderful races between you guys in 8,9,0,6,7 lands as 
well as all these european countries that have seemed to understand the 
of contesting even at these challenging times.

Its all good my friend, in the next contest lets take some time and exchange 
real signal reports and comparisons with others.. I'll gladly do it, Im sure 
gettting the big reports will post a smile on you!

Contesting has a lot to do with recognition... self, as well as from others, 
is equally valuable.


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> "As of this moment I am having a hard time convincing myself not to pull 
> down the towers and give it up... There seems to be no point to 
> contesting, or even operating, from the black hole of Michigan ...
> denny / k8do no joy in Mudville today..."
> Trust me, there are worse places to operate from than Michigan. It's all 
> relative. And comparing your score to the "top ten" etc. is a waste of 
> time. Do your best, compete against yourself and your close buddies, and 
> have FUN with this. Anything else will drive you crazy. Ultimately the 
> only one you have to prove anything to is yourself.
> 73 Steve K0SR
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