[CQ-Contest] No Dit-Dit (was Sending Speed)

DL8MBS prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Sun Sep 17 11:13:57 EDT 2006

Hal Offutt wrote:

>The absence of a response is the acknowledgement...
May be not true in all cases. During this years`s WPX CW I operated qrp 
and had quite a few stations terminating the efforts to establish an 
exchange by simply starting another CQ (after my last transmission). I 
then listened to their next QSO: about half of them sent the number they 
had sent to me- so for them no response meant no qso. Still unsure how 
do deal with this practice in contests without serial numbers especially 
regarding those stations logging me without any comment: Doing it the 
hard way and not logging them without ack would be a NIL for them (but 
it would be hard for me, too,  i.e. with a double mult and a 
50:50-chance to be in the log...).
Best 73, Chris (DL8MBS)

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