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Try Morse Runner many ways better than the DR DX series,

Contesting 10 years from now ? 

The new influx of "foundation" class licences will give us many more
operators new records will have been set in the latest sunspot peak,
companies like Hamnation will realise they had it right on what people
wanted but Chinese companies will be producing the products for a tenth of
the price. 
Digital filters will be able to handle RF and the brick wall filters will be
just that.
Rigs will be like sound blaster cards and fit into the radio and offer true
SDR arrangements. 
* Question to all .. If these PCs can run at these many ghz frequncies /
clock speeds is there any reason that sideband etc cant be generated and
decoded fully in the software environment? 
Antenna's; More use of better antenna systems, the trap tribander will
disappear replaced by the DJ2UT and Steppir styles, but monobanders will
still rule supreme

Cheers All 

Trent Sampson 
[PO Box 1647 Toowoomba Qld 4350]  VK4TI 

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> > 
> > Certainly WRTC could be moved to a virtual contest on the
> internet.  
> > What a great way to truly level the playing field for the competing 
> > WRTC stations!  The bands and propagation could all be
> simulated.  The
> > ops would have virtual radios and virtual beams to steer around.
> Wasn't a program like this developed and marketed about 20 years ago 
> by AEA?  Can't remember the name of it right now, but it simulated the 
> CQWW CW contest and ran on Commodore computers.
> 73s john W5TD
Dr. DX for the Commodore 64.  It was the only 'realisic' contest game around
that I know of. 

I don't think there's been anything since.  MorseExpress is about the
closest I can think of.  

I play a game online called Fighter Ace.  It's a basic WWII era air combat
game..or games...there are various arenas featuring different air combat
venues.  I've only played a couple of the online air combat games and a few
PC-based air combat games.  Fighter Ace is the best.  

It would be so great to see someone, in the ham community maybe, with game
programming knowledge (and time) develop an online CQ WW game or something
similar.  You design or pick your station: K5NA, K1TTT, K5ZD, K4XS, 4U1ITU,
VU7LD, etc., etc.), set your lat/lon, time, and go make QSO's.  S&P, sit and
CQ, move mults to other bands, etc.  

As in Fighter Ace, there could be different arenas where different contests
are underway or there are DXCC and other paper chase arenas (County Hunters,
WAS, WAC, WAZ, etc). Yadda, yadda, yadda.
Surely, in the ham community, there's someone who can design a game to do

There's got to be something like that in the next ten years, Tonno.  We're
graying up fast here!  

Dale, kg5u

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