[CQ-Contest] contesting 10 years from now

John Geiger johngeig at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 1 16:23:46 EST 2007

--- Dale Martin <kg5u at hal-pc.org> wrote:

> > It would be so great to see someone, in the ham
> community maybe, with game
> programming knowledge (and time) develop an online
> CQ WW game or something
> similar.  You design or pick your station: K5NA,
> K1TTT, K5ZD, K4XS, 4U1ITU,
> VU7LD, etc., etc.), set your lat/lon, time, and go
> make QSO's.  S&P, sit and
> CQ, move mults to other bands, etc.  

It would also be great if you could select the solar
flux, K index,etc to see how those things affect
propagation at different locations.

> As in Fighter Ace, there could be different arenas
> where different contests
> are underway or there are DXCC and other paper chase
> arenas (County Hunters,
> WAS, WAC, WAZ, etc). Yadda, yadda, yadda.
Dr. DX did offer a DXCC certificate,among other

73s John W5TD

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