[CQ-Contest] Maximum Time Limit for S/O

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 19 18:24:07 EST 2007

Rick wrote the email that I was going to write. The idea that 48 hours 
makes any sense for a single operator is foolish. Frankly, some guys are 
going to die from blood clots, etc. The 36 hour max for S/Os is a terrific 
rule. It turns the contest into a strategic thing, not a blind stupid 
unhealthy endurance contest. I realize that there will be traditionalists 
who will make their usual arguments that stamina is part of the contest, 
and that a maximum time limit will somehow reduce participation. I disagree 
on all fronts. It will increase participation. It certainly will for me, as 
I will no longer operate any contest over 24 hours that lacks a maximum 
limit for single operators.

If you are concerned that records will no longer be meaningful, who now 
cares that the ARRL DX contest used to be *two* weekends on both modes.

It's time for the League to do the right thing; place a reasonable maximum 
time limit on this contest for single operators.

Jim George N3BB

At 12:45 PM 2/19/2007 -0800, Eric Hilding wrote:
><annual suggestion>
>After reading many "I couldn't operate more than 30, 35 or 40 hours" type 
>comments in 3830 posts, it's that time again for my Annual Suggestion to 
>add a "36 out of 48 Hours" category (or something like that) to the ARRL 
>DX Contest for those of us in the Geriatric Generation.
>I appreciated the past supportive comments of AL, D4B/4L5A, and others who 
>also believe that such a Category might actually increase activity.  OF's 
>who aren't willing to make a serious effort or sacrifice their health 
>knowing they can't (or won't) be able to do the entire 48 hours are more 
>likely to go like proverbial bats-out-of-h*ll for 36 hours in the chance 
>to competitively win something.
></annual suggestion>
>Rick, K6VVA

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