[CQ-Contest] [NCCC] Maximum Time Limit for S/O

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Tue Feb 20 20:41:46 EST 2007

> My two-cents' worth: I like the formats that include time for >sleep. 
> Twenty-four out of 30 is my favorite, but 36 out of 48 is >reasonable for 
> a DX test.  Healthiest is probably operating as part >of a multi and 
> spending no more than four hours at a stretch in >the chair--like we do on 
> big expeditions.
> 73, Alan/K6SRZ

Well, I am in the 'looking back at 60' crowd and I still work full time.  I 
have a job that is fun to do, but it is still a 40 hour a week job.  I can't 
even think about keeping my butt in the chair for 48 (or even 36) hours 
after working 40 (or more) hours before, and knowing I have to get up Monday 
morning and go back to work again.  I'll bet when I retire and don't have 
those 'Monday morning blues' any more it will be a lot easier to spend more 
butt time in the chair.  But for now, I operate when I feel like it and when 
I don't, I go do something else.  That keeps it fun for me.  Never gonna win 
anything, but it's still fun.  73

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