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I like Randy's idea a lot, but particularly in low sunspot times, wouldn't it make sense to have an off-time regime that is a little more flexible, so that any additional activity that is generated doesn't tend to concentrate in the first 12 or 24 hours?  I'm thinking of no more than X off times, each at least Y minutes long.  That way, for example, part-timers in Europe could operate both main 20M openings to the US, and not have to choose one or the other. 

73, Pete N4ZR

At 10:55 AM 2/24/2007, Randy Thompson wrote:
> It has been interesting to watch how the debate has progressed on this
>issue.  In any 48 hour DX contest, there are may be 20 people world wide who
>operate more than 44 hours.  I had no idea there were so many others who
>feel that unlimited operating time is such an important part of contesting.
>I am a guy who can do 48 hours in a weekend.  It is hard, but in some cases
>it is the only way to play if you want to win.  I.e., I personally never
>want to finish second in a contest only because I didn't operate the extra
>hour or two!
>Let's attack the problem from a different direction...
>Contests are funny things.  Competitors (the hard core contesters) think the
>contest is run for them so they can test and prove their skill.  However,
>contest sponsors provide contests to create as much fun for as many people
>as possible (the masses).
>I think we all can agree that 48 hours is in the best interest of the
>masses.  It is fun to get on the air at various times over the weekend and
>find activity.  It is also nice for the guys who travel to DX locations to
>have 48 hours of fun for their investment.
>The problem for me is that the current approach only offers one level of
>competition.  You are either trying to win the whole thing or you are "just
>playing around."  If you are a competitive person (and most contesters are),
>you want to compete.  But, if your life on a given weekend is crowded with
>other priorities, you are designated into the playing around group.
>Why not create some sub classes that provide more fun for more people.
>These classes should not change any of the existing classes.  They should
>just be there to give people more races to run (kind of like having a
>quarter or half marathon run on the same course as a full marathon).  They
>should also not incent people to operate less (the goal should always be to
>increase overall activity!).
>My suggestion:
>- Create 12 hour and 24 hour races
>- The 12 or 24 hours consist of a continuous period beginning with your
>first QSO (i.e., the clock starts with your first QSO)
>- There are no off times
>- You can operate the contest as much as you want.  Your score is calculated
>by the log checker based on the first 12 and 24 hour marks
>- No preregistration or special marking of your log.  ALL LOGS are included
>in the scoring/results
>- Easy to administer
>- Everyone can play
>- A guy trying for a 12/24 hour win still has to compete with the full time
>- Entrants may chose to stop operating when they reach their time limit, but
>they are not required to do so
>- Extra log checker burden
>- Extra page or two of results
>- Requires change of thinking (apparently difficult for many of us!)
>This would also make a simple contest within a contest to run if the main
>contest sponsor was not interested.
>Look forward to discussion on a "new" idea.
>Randy, K5ZD
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>> <annual suggestion>
>> After reading many "I couldn't operate more than 30, 35 or 40 
>> hours" type comments in 3830 posts, it's that time again for 
>> my Annual Suggestion to add a "36 out of 48 Hours" category 
>> (or something like that) to the ARRL DX Contest for those of 
>> us in the Geriatric Generation.
>> I appreciated the past supportive comments of AL, D4B/4L5A, 
>> and others who also believe that such a Category might 
>> actually increase activity.  OF's who aren't willing to make 
>> a serious effort or sacrifice their health knowing they can't 
>> (or won't) be able to do the entire 48 hours are more likely 
>> to go like proverbial bats-out-of-h*ll for 36 hours in the 
>> chance to competitively win something.
>> </annual suggestion>
>> 73...
>> Rick, K6VVA
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