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Jim,  you think maybe, they long ago, misspelled the name of the country...?

you sure it wasnt....


just a simple typo, Im sure.

Danny K7SS, K7JCA
1975 CQWW VP2MJCA (a REAL 2x4 callsign!)

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>    1. Bananas (James  Cain)
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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] Bananas
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>The second time I went to Montserrat and stayed at Chod Harris's (VP2ML) 
>place ((I was VP2MDC), in February 1988, I thought I knew the ropes. I 
>went with my Significant Other, Joan, getting there a couple of days 
>before two friends, Russ and Regina, were to join us.
>The first morning, a vender came by and we bought a bunch of fresh 
>(semi-green) bananas. We left them on the kitchen counter overnight and, 
>the next morning, a giant RAT was walking across a ceiling fixture wire 
>that was strung across the high ceiling. A RAT. Holy shit, Batman. This 
>sort of messed up the Tropical Ambience.
>I later figured out that RATS had got into the house because the idiot ham 
>who had been there a few weeks before had run some cables through a window 
>and left the screen open ... making a Rat Interstate right into the house.
>I called Chod's property manager, Bobby Martin (VP2MO), who suggested we 
>buy some rat bait and spread it around. This didn't seem like a real quick 
>solution to a major problem.
>That night, Joan and I barricaded ourselves in a bedroom, which was not 
>real effective because the door had slats. I heard scratching on the door 
>and when I opened it there was a RAT running back down the hall to the 
>bathroom, maybe for a shower.
>Somehow we survived and that weekend I operated the ARRL DX Contest CW 
>(made Top Ten, too). Russ and Reggie had arrived earlier and we warned 
>them about the RAT situation. They were non-plussed.
>On Saturday afternoon of the contest, I heard pounding noises in the 
>house, right through my headphones. I took a break and went to the living 
>room to discover that Russ had brained a RAT with a wrench. The RAT 
>apparently had taken the bait and was somewhat confused which only proves 
>"don't go out if you're intoxicated."
>I went back to the pileup.
>I published two stories about my Montserrat adventures, one in QST and one 
>in the National Contest Journal, but I don't think either story mentioned 
>the RATS. Rats.
>Joan bought an original wall hanging on Montserrat, and it features a big 
>RAT. I'm sure she still has it.
>I guess ever since I've associated bananas with RATS. Probably not fair to 
>R.I.P., Chod,
>Jim Cain, K1TN/2
>Atlantic City
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