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Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 8 05:53:12 EST 2007

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Doug, KR2Q, wrote:

> Okay... I can't resist (forgive me).
> During a contest (or all the time?), the spotting software
> should be changed so that only the PREFIX is accepted/transmitted.

Here's a related item...

When RFSport.com's first intruduced "open, Internet logging" the issue was similar.  Everyone's log was "open" for inspection in real time....including the station that you just "worked" (or think that you worked).  Cheating was possible because it was possible to convey "too much" detail via the very system that was designed to make operators more accountable.

The solution was that the actual callsigns were fully masked during the contest, but the rest of the information (grid-4 square, in this case) was passed.  The result is that, during the contest one could see the region of the world that someone worked (including the date and time it was worked), but not the callsign of the station.  After the contest, the "mask" was removed for full public inspection.

To put this in full context, RFSport.com's logging system is designed to work in real time only (once the contest is over, log modifications are no longer possible - and all logged info is sent immediately to the sponsor).

All of this adds up to assuring that an ethical realtime competition takes place.

Ev, W2EV

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