[CQ-Contest] technical challenge

Richard DiDonna NN3W nn3w at cox.net
Mon May 28 20:12:05 EDT 2007

I think it can cut both ways.  If things are close, there is absolutely an 
incentive to flooring it for whatever time remains in the contest to "win". 
Indeed, in many contests we already have "semi" real time scores - QSO 
numbers.  We see this in WAE, Sprint, Sweeps, and WPX.  For contests like 
Sprint and Sweeps with a finite number of mults, the Q number is a real 

On the other hand, if I see that I am being murdered in a contest - 36 hours 
into a 48 hour test, I might very well throw in the towel and just quit.

Now folks keep mentioning the same tired phrase over and over - "I agree 
that if you're looking at a real time scoreboard, you're losing."  This is a 
load of crap.  It takes five seconds to type in a url or to hit a refresh 
button on your internet browser.  I guarantee you that folks spend more time 
picking their noses or digging ear wax out of their ears than the five 
seconds that it takes to type in a url....

Now if scores are to be posted, it must be callsign, entry category, and raw 
score only.   Giving out mult counts or QSO counts or band information gives 
away too much information, and should be supressed.

73 Rich NN3W
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> Perhaps I'm missing something. My question is, why use it? Why would
> you want to know other scores while the contest is still on? The only
> score that's important is the one at the end, and then only when
> validated by the contest sponsor.
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> This one's easy.
> Knowing other peoples scores during an event adds excitement and motivates 
> us "non top-10ers" to "eek out" a few more QSO's before packing it in. 
> It's fun. :)
> Ev, W2EV
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