[CQ-Contest] Who has "pitched it in"? [was: technical challenge]

Mark Beckwith n5ot at n5ot.com
Mon May 28 23:01:56 EDT 2007

>> I'm not sure this statement represents everyone, Ev.  There are plenty of
>> times where someone has pitched it in after learning that the op they 
>> were
>> chasing was so far ahead of them, they threw in the towel rather than
>> "eeking out" a few more QSOs.
> Ok, I'll take the bait.  Who has "pitched it in" because of being behind 
> on a real time scoreboard?

Gosh, did I say "real time scoreboard?"  Nope.  In contests where the serial 
number is part of the exchange, it has been common for people to hear 
someone they were hoping to keep up with way out ahead of them, ditch the 
contest and cut the grass instead.  Very common.

I used to personally do this all the time, and knew plenty of ops who did it 
also.  I had to actually practice and force myself to NOT do it.  After 
about 15 years of that, I started being the guy with the higher QSO total 
more often.  The reason it's so thin at the top is because so few ops have 
the discipline to stick it out, frankly.  I think a real-time scoreboard 
could have consequences unintended by well-meaning but misguided enthusiasts 
(i.e. more ops might ditch the contest when they saw where they stood, 
realized they weren't going to win the low-power tribander and wires class 
from Northern Idaho, and go cut the grass).  (No offense intended to people 
who live in Northern Idaho).

> My money is on the belief that more people are positively motivated
> than those who are negatively motivated.  Chime in, please, list!

That could be, Ev.  My point was that your statement does not apply to 

Mark, N5OT 

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