[CQ-Contest] What Skimmer is!

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Don't know about W4KFC's robot, however: CT, NA, Writelog, TR, N1MM, etc. do
not do the receiving for you. You still have to turn that large dial, find
stations, decode their callsigns and work them yourself.

They are not assistance. Yes, they make the administrivia easier, but they
don't populate your bandmap with calls and QRGs.

And why is it some people consider a desire to categorize Skimmer like
Packet tantamount to a ban? Did packet/cluster go away when the "assisted"
category was created? Did amplifier manufacturers shrivel up and die because
we separated the QRP and 100-watt ops from the kilowatts? Did KC1XX fold his
tower business when the tribander/wires category was created?

If someone develops the skill to decode a 70 khz swath simultaneously by
themselves, I could accept the thought that Skimmer is "just" a receiver.

73, Kelly

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Richard, nothing against your thought processes expressed below, but skimmer

is just a receiver.  Look back on skimmer a decade or two from now and 
you'll have to admit it's a crude receiver at that by 2020 standards. 
Because the technology is available, skimmer is the direction that receivers

are moving.  You didn't think that the rig manufacturers were going to stay 
out of this market, did you?

W4KFC's 1964 CQSS machine was a robot.  CT, NA, Writelog, TR, etc., now 
those are robots.  Those are immense breakthroughs that changed the way we 
contest.  It's just because the pool of ham radio operators is aging and 
fixed in their ways, so they are fearful of new things, that so many see 
skimmer as a big deal.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

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> Hello all.
> Blah, blah, blah (lead-in stuff).  i.e., snip
> But Skimmer is a robot!
> Not a complete robot yet, but the first step of what could eventually
> be be a totally robotic contesting station.
> Blah, blah, blah (obfuscation).   i.e., snip
> 73 to you all.
> Richard - K5NA

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