[CQ-Contest] arrl dx cw spotting report

Mon Feb 23 20:44:19 PST 2009

A big weekend for cw spots.  45572 spots in the database this time.  

The most spotted DX stations:
DX	Count
K5D	2325
6Y1LZ	338
PJ2T	334
CT9L	274
W3LPL	223
D4C	210
YN2DD	210
ZY7C	204
9A1A	203
TM6M	201

The busiest spotters:
Spotter	count
W3LPL-4	847
K6III	764
AA3B	614
WT4Q	487
WK5X	464
DJ1AA	381
K3LR-3	336
NV5H	333
N6QQ	311
W2CDO	305

Cheerleader report

What the columns mean:
Spotter = the spotting station
dx = the dx being spotted
spots = the number of spots the spotter made for the dx
total = the total number of spots the spotter made during the contest
pct = percentage of the total spots the spotter made for just that one dx

spotter	dx		Spots	Total	Pct
S59EIJ	S57DX		42	42	100
K8ND		PJ2T		17	162	10
N8BJQ		PJ2T		16	97	16
S59DKR	S57DX		14	24	58
RX9AM		RX9AM		13	13	100
IW2MZX	IK2AOO	13	13	100

I took out all the k5d cheerleaders, including one who spotted them 51 times
over the weekend... is there a reward for spotting them on every band/mode
or something??  I also took out several special events, some other WAP thing
spots, and at least one REF contest cheerleader.

Yes, it does look like rx9am spotted himself several times:
Freq		Comment		Spotter	FromNode
7008.8	test			RX9AM		SK3W-6
7008.7	arrl			RX9AM		SK3W-6
7008.7	arrl			RX9AM		K1TTT-14
7005.6	test			RX9AM		SK3W-6
14009		arrl test		RX9AM		SK3W-6
21205.1	cq dx			RX9AM		SK3W-6
7008.7	arrl test		RX9AM		SK3W-6
14018		arrl			RX9AM		SK3W-6
7009.5	arrl test		RX9AM		SK3W-6
7001.6	arrl test		RX9AM		SK3W-6
14098.3	arrl test		RX9AM		SK3W-6
14018		arrl test		RX9AM		SK3W-6
14006.7	test			RX9AM		SK3W-6
The spots appear normal, they are from a regular node (the k1ttt-14 one was
probably delayed and got in the back door first), and there is even one
non-contest one in the mix... which makes it look unlikely to be someone
harrassing him.

Single spotter report

"Single Spotters" are stations who make only one dx spot in the whole
contest weekend.  It is obviously fairly unusual for a contest operator who
is active to make only one spot, many make 10's to 100's of spots during the
weekend.  It is common for DX'ers to make a single spot for a rare dx
station then turn off the radio, so lots of single spotters for rare
stations is common, but they also get lots of contest spots from other
stations.  The key here is the percentage of spots that are from 'single
spotters'.  A high percentage can be a sign of the use of fake callsigns to
spot yourself or a friend that you don't want to look like you are
cheerleading for... in any case, the use of fake callsigns is an obvious
sign of someone trying to deceive the world in one way or another.

What the columns mean:
DX - the dx station being spotted
Total - the total spots for them in the weekend
All(%) - the total number of single spots and the percentage of the total
dxs(%) - the number of the total spots that came from dxsummit and the
percentage of the total they are.  These are broken out because it is very
easy for someone to put in fake callsigns on dxsummit and it has been a
common source of abuse of the system.

DX		Total	All 		DXS
K5D		2325	542(23%) 	84(3%)
5D0IPY	167	25(14%)	5(2%)
TL0A		91	21(23%)	1(1%)
S79JF		104	17(16%)	2(1%)
VQ9RD		119	15(12%)	3(2%)
J28JA		76	15(19%)	1(1%)
ZZ6Z		80	14(17%)	3(3%)
W7G		38	14(36%)	2(5%)
ZP6/SP9MRO 	64	14(21%) 	6(9%)
AU30SHI	90	13(14%)	1(1%)
6Y1LZ		338	11(3%)	1(0%)
TC1ALH	43	11(25%)	4(9%)
LA/OE9ICI 	23	10(43%)	3(13%)
UE1QFF	73	10(13%)	3(4%)

That looks pretty much 'normal' to me.


Ok, this is a resurrection of an old analysis i did on ip addresses from
dxsummit.  I haven't done this properly in a while because the dxsummit web
site was undergoing renovation.

Spotter	Freq	Spottee	IP		Comment
PU2FAN-@	7005	PU2FAN	
PU2FAN-@	7015	PU2FAN	cq test arrl
PU2FAN-@	7003	PU2FAN	
PU2FAN-@	7007	PU2FAN	
PU2FAN-@	7015	PU2FAN	
PU2FAN-@	7003	PU2FAN	
PT2KSC-@	7085	PT2KSC	
PU2FAN-@	7008	PU2FAN	cq test arrl
PU2FAN-@	7015	PU2FAN	cq test pu2fan test
PU2FAN-@	7035	PU2FAN	
PU2FAN-@	7005	PU2FAN	pu2fan test
PU2FAN-@	7005	UZ2IU	

undisguised self spotting by 2 stations from one ip may be a new one for
this report.

Spotter	Freq		Spottee	IP			Comment
LY2FM-@	7016		LY5W	arrl
AC6WL-@	14040.4	LY5W	
LY2FM-@	14078		LY5W	test
LY5W-@	1309112	LY2FM	trying new baloon
K8II-@	7052.3	LY5W	
LY2FM-@	14054		LY5W	ARRL
N2ZO-@	14102.7	LY5W	
VE3KX-@	7067.9	LY5W	

several stateside spotters, plus one by himself for another ly who also
spotted him...
The ip comes from:
person:       OMNITEL DNS Administrator
address:      T.Sevcenkos 25
address:      Vilnius 2600
address:      Lithuania

Spotter	Freq		Spottee	IP		Comment
KA3SJT-@	14016		NP3U	ARRL CW
WA0SLE-@	14068		NP3U	ARRL...
great signal!!
K0FGI-@	21039		NP3U	ARRL test 599+
NP4VO-@	21033		NP3U	ARRL test
NA5TO-@	21034		NP3U	RTTY test
N3JKI-@	28031		NP3U	cqing ARRL test

all integer frequencies, similar comments, several different stateside
spotters plus one kp4.  All 3 ip's come back to Puerto Rico Telephone Co.

Spotter	Freq		Spottee	IP		Comment
KA9ZML-@	14033		LZ1MS	
NW9Y-@	14056.5	LZ1MS	
KA9ZML-@	1402824	LZ1MS	
LZ3RY-@	14028.2	LZ1MS	
LZ3RY-@	14028.2	LZ1MS	
NW9Y-@	14053		LZ1MS	
KA9ZML-@	14094		LZ1MS	
LZ3RZ-@	14030		LZ1MS	
NW9Y-@	14074.3	LZ1MS	
LZ3RZ-@	1407430	LZ1MS	
LZ3RZ-@	1407430	LZ1MS	
LZ3RZ-@	14074		LZ1MS	contest
KA9ZML-@	14074.3	LZ1MS	
LZ3RZ-@	14014		LZ1MS	
KA9ZML-@	14014		LZ1MS	
5B4AGU-@	14014		LZ1MS	contest
LZ3RY-@	14014		LZ1MS	ARRL
LZ3RZ-@	14014		LZ1MS	arrl

many integer frequencies from different spotters, a couple lz calls pluss a
couple w9 calls and one 5b4 from the same ip... which comes back to:
address:        BTC Plc
address:        Bulgarian Telecommunications Company Plc
address:        8 Totleben Blvd.
address:        1606 Sofia
address:        Bulgaria

The raw data is available on my web site at

David Robbins K1TTT
e-mail: mailto:k1ttt at arrl.net
web: http://www.k1ttt.net
AR-Cluster node: 145.69MHz or telnet://dxc.k1ttt.net

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