[CQ-Contest] UN DX Contest UBN - C4Z question

wally wally at el-soft.com
Mon Sep 14 11:57:44 PDT 2009

Hi Brian,

Here is the explanation for UBN report described by UN DX CC on the contest
web site :

: NotInLog [RV0AL] – means there is no such QSO in RV0AL log
: [UN7EY/7 QSO:1], Time (1216/1220) – time of the QSO in your log has more
than 3 minutes difference from the time written in the log of UN7EY/7 (1216 –
time in your log, 1220 – time in UN7EY/7 log). QSO does not count.
: Missing log [RA9UWT(91)], Duplicate [QSO 51]  RA9UWT has not sent his log,
but his callsign is also found in 91 of all received logs, QSO does not count
since it was a dupe 
: NoLog [WB4ZBI] – Log is not received from WB4ZBI and his callsign is found
in less than 5 other logs received by CC - QSO does not count.
: [PE2KP QSO:26], Partner error (59 000/59 L17) – PE2KP (QSO NR 26 in PE2KP
log) has received your report with mistakes 59 000 was written in PE2KP log
instead of correct report sent by you - 59 L17.
: [UR5LJD QSO:48], Partner bad callsign (UN7LF/UN8LF) – UR5LJD (QSO NR 48 in
UR5LJD log) made a mistake and received your call incorrectly - he wrote in
the log UN7LF instead of correct call - UN8LF.
: [RA3NC QSO:13], Receive error (599 23/599 013) – you made a mistake when
receiving RA3NC report (QSO NR 13 in RA3NC log) and wrote in your log 599 23
instead 599 013.
: [UA9URA QSO:78], Freq (3710/7000) – in your log this QSO was made on 80 m,
while in your correspondent's log same QSO was written as made on 40m.

Hope these explanations of the UN DX CC will help you understand why you have
only 31 % of "true" QSOs. ( according to UN DX CC of course ! )

73, Wally LZ2CJ

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