[CQ-Contest] Consider This Fellow Contesters

Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 19:02:26 PDT 2010

N7mal wrote:
> Contesting by its very nature is completive. After each competition the 
> contesters need a place to vent, make suggestions for improvement, and 
> exchange ideas, whether they be good or bad. This mailing list has 
> traditionally been the place for the serious, and not so serious, contesters 
> to let off steam.

It depends how you define "traditionally". In the past ten years CQ-Contest has 
become very divisive and negative. If you go back to the early years 
(1991-1996), it was an inviting place for contesters to help each other, 
encourage newcomers, and trade war stories. Now a lot of that helpfulness has 
moved to other reflectors, such as 3830, TowerTalk, and Topband. Many, many 
contesters don't even read CQ-Contest anymore because of what it has become.

> I for one do not want to see this mailing list 'sterilized'. There were 
> plenty of positive and negative postings about WRTC but for some reason you 
> only want to dwell on the negative.
> This mailing list,(ohhh how I hate this term), is very Fair and Balanced and 
> IMHO should be left alone.

If that's what you want, then considering starting a new mailing list, like 
CQ-Contest at fox.com .

> After a thread has run its course, positive or 
> negative, we move on to the next one which some guys will like and others 
> won't. 

But we don't move on. The same themes repeat periodically, including the current 
"599" thread, and last week's packet-bashing thread.

Steve, N2IC

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