[CQ-Contest] A special NCCC Thursday Practice, OCT. 1 UTC - NS, four bands

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Tue Sep 28 16:41:59 PDT 2010

Now that the Ladder series takes a break,  we'll continue to use the 
NS CW ladder format with THREE OBJECTIVES:
1.  Satisfy the weekly craving for NS by the regulars.
2.  Provide a  station checkout and CW practice for California QSO 
Party on the weekend.
3.  An opportunity to work NCCC members for our 40th Anniversary 
Celebration award. -  see www.nccc.cc

For those who are uncomfortable with the sprint format, simply CQ 
until you log someone,
then QSY at least 5 Khz. and CQ again.  We suggest you use the Slow 
Speed session at 0200 (see below),
to check out your logger, and practice at 18 to 26 wpm, instead of 
the nominal 35 wpm session at 0230Z

Thursday, Sept. 30 local time, Oct 1 UTC, 0230-0300Z.

NS will be on  FOUR  bands; 160 (near 1815) , 80, 40, 20m  (+40 to 45).
NCCC SPRINT RULES:  NO DUPES on same band, 100 WATTS max,  MULTS 

The SLOW SPEED CW NS practice continues on Thursday,  0200-0220Z: 
Check for W9RE's announcement on CQ-Contest for details.
The  schedule of Thursday (sometimes Friday also) events are  posted 
on the NEXT NS page at:

See N6WM's announcement on the CQP practice on Friday night.

In future weeks, we may modify the rules for Thursday practices:
Single band, dupes OK, QRP, and other suggestions from you all.

CU on Thursday and in CQP,

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