[CQ-Contest] Club/Group competition

Rytis LY4U cq-contest at lyradio.org
Sun Apr 10 07:21:46 PDT 2011

Hi, hope everybody is having good and safe sunday!

In case the "unlimited club" idea goes forward, I claim the right to 
establish the World Wide CW Operators Club (WWCWOC) - all world CW fans are 
invited to contribute their entries, and we'll see what happens.

Please pardon me for this bit of irony, but IMHO the suit-all idea will not 
work - too different situations in different countries for single solution 
that would make everybody happy. If say we expand the limits to 1000km, then 
why not 1500km? Or 2000km? K6LA's club categories sound good, I am even 
iclined to talk to club friends to sponsor one.

In any case, I will be happy to participate whatever the solution, and 
hopefully one will be found/talked/agreed. Club competition surely is very 
important flavour to the game, in keeping it alive.

Kudos to WPX Director Randy K5ZD for not only improving this Contest in so 
many ways, but also for actively listening to the community thoughts and 
openness for new ideas, tnx.

73, Rytis LY4U
Currently in honeymoon with Ok Ciao Contest Club (IT9, some 2000km from 
where I live), member of at least 3 other contest clubs.

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