[CQ-Contest] Revised 2011 NAQP Rules

Bob Naumann W5OV at W5OV.COM
Tue Jan 4 17:23:28 PST 2011

K1TTT said: "If it says by ear, they won't use waterfalls or lights or
vibrators.... they just won't participate, and I think we do want everyone
to participate."

Of course everyone wants everyone to participate.

That said - who are these guys who need to use these non-standard decoding
methods, and how many of them are there - really?  Is there really anyone
who wants to operate CW NAQP who fits this category, or is this an imaginary

I'd hate to see us all getting "wrapped around the axle" (I always like that
one in meetings) for no real reason.


Bob W5OV
(no longer a corporate meeting attender)

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