[CQ-Contest] An ARRL Band Plan just in time for this weekend!

Dave Hachadorian k6ll at arrl.net
Fri Jan 7 13:18:05 PST 2011

The ARRL Considerate Operator's Guide is a useful guideline for
everyday casual operating for U.S. hams.

Inconveniently, the world happens to be larger than the United
States. To get the big picture, one must look at the IARU
Regional Band Plans.  This weekend, with the NAQP CW and
RTTY RU, the most contentious frequencies will be the ones
from 7035 to 7070.  Here is what the IARU Band Plans look
like for the three IARU Regions:

IARU Region 1: Europe, Africa, Middle East and Northern Asia
Region 1 Band Plan:

Note RTTY down to 7040

- IARU Region 2: The Americas
Region 2 Band Plan:

Note 500 Hz bandwidth digimodes down to 7035


- IARU Region 3: Asia-Pacific
Region 3 Band Plan:

Note 2 KHz digimodes down to 7025


Fortunately, 40 meters will not open to Asia until after the NAQP
is over, so the 7025-7035 section SHOULD remain clear.

Now, will there be misinformed, or inconsiderate R1 and R2 RTTY
operators below 7035 on Saturday night? - Probably.

There is no way that these two contests should have been
scheduled for the same weekend.  However, it is a done deal and
now we just have to make the best of it.  RTTY and CW operators
are just victims of poor scheduling and conflicting Regional Band
Plans.  Just recognize up front that chaos will exist.  The best
operators on both modes will make the best of it.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ


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