[CQ-Contest] Power levels and TVI

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Tue Jan 11 05:08:34 PST 2011

Hi John,

You may have seen this document already, but if not, it may have an answer to your problem:


My guess is that a balun(s) would help, if not eliminate the problem entirely, assuming faulty equipment isn't to blame.

This document is worth it's weight in gold, IMHO, it has helped me with several issues in the past.

Hope you find a better solution than giving up 3/4s of your valuable LP.


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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Power levels and TVI
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I found out yesterday that I am having some occasional TVI with one of the
neighbors.  She is really cool about it but I don't know if it is also an
issue with others in the neighborhood, plus I would like to be courteous
about my operating as well.  I am using a low pass filter, so I am assuming
that the TV's front end is getting overloaded at times, as our houses are
only a few feet apart and they have cable for TV instead of picking it up
off the air.  I am running 100 watts
 to a pretty much unity gain antenna.
What power levels do others find works to reduce TV overloading?  Would
going to 25 watts make a big difference? Need to drop power further than

73s John AA5JG
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