[CQ-Contest] Cheating

Tom W8JI w8ji at w8ji.com
Sat Aug 4 07:06:07 PDT 2012

This certainly illustrates a major problem with public and private 

 > While I'd like to claim that the Reverse Beacon Network can do this,
> there are a couple of reasons why not. First, the time of a spot is
> reported only to the nearest minute.  Second, the time shown is when CW
> Skimmer determined that the callsign had been sufficiently validated to
> warrant spotting it.  This can happen over a relatively long period,
> even over a number of transmissions, so long as the station remains on
> the same frequency.

It is possible to actually interleave CW, so momentary word pauses allow a 
window for other transmitters. The multiple frequency recorded data needs to 
be in actual true time on all frequencies if we look for simultaneous 

While I abandoned this idea for a while because of interface issues with 
computer logging software and operators, I had a box built that stored the 
CW and watched for three-dot or longer "word pauses". The box could "hold" 
CW coming in and insert short bursts in word pauses by increasing word 

Like this:
1 W8XX
2 k4aa
1 599
2 599
1 ga
2 ga
1 tu
2 agn?


>From a few experiments, I'm sure that is workable technology. The only 
problems were logging software did not allow an external hold to prevent 
rehitting a send while a transmitter was held off, and the operator 
interface for knowing and cancelling a held send.

Recording two channels in a single stereo recording works, but I'm not sure 
what else does. The first thing is we should know how the data collection 
system works, and I only know how a two channel stereo system would work. 

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