[CQ-Contest] Do I need to operate assisted to figure out the calls?

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Mats, you have pretty much just said word-for-word what I said in my 3830
post! And I don't think we're alone - I know of 2 others who said this. As
well as the poor operating style, I wonder how so many people can call a
station who only ID's every 15 QSOs how they know his call. It made the 12
hr mixed UNASSISTED section very frustrating. I tuned past many stations who
didn't ID after 2 or 3 Q's.

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During the IOTA Contest I realized that some stations have become so
self-assured that everyone checks the cluster, so the need to ID after
contacts has become useless.

Come on guys, there are still a few operators around the globe who actually
want to copy the call themselves and not rely on cluster spots.

Amazingly poor behavior from many stations on the band this weekend!

Do I need to work Assisted next time instead of waiting 12-15 QSO before
someone ID?

I work acceptably high rates myself but ID at least every second or third
QSO even if the pile is huge. If just one station was calling the last time,
I ID after each QSO.

Time to teach some of the newbies how to do it - as well as re-teach old
guns how we used to do it before the appearance of the cluster?

73 de RM2D (ex. RA/SM6LRR), Mats
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