[CQ-Contest] TRIATHLON DX Contest

Kostas Stamatis sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Mon Mar 12 12:57:25 PDT 2012

Mike SV5BYR has the idea for the triathlon contest at August of  2011. We 
started talking abt the contest officially when I create the ironham group 
in GoogleGroups at the start of the last December. Meanwhile there were 2 
announcements for happenings similar to ours. First of all W0YK (wpx rtty 
manager) announced the triathlon award at 2/Feb/2012. And about a month 
later PY5EG (at 1/Mar/2012) announced the ironham contest. I read both 
announcements for first time here in contest reflector. Itʼs really amazing 
that several hams around the word was thinking almost the same, even the 
same words. I told it to Ed W0YK when it announced Triathlon award and 
emailed him to inform for the similar thought we had. (this was before 
ironham contest be announced).
Anyway we had already started and had made a lot of work until then to 
cancel the project. And in any case we considered that we should announce 
our try to create an interesting new contest even other similar events had 
announced. Happily ironham date is during June quite far from our contest 
which will be in first Saturday of February.
Beside all these, there are some important differences. WPX combines 3 modes 
but it is not a single weekend event and finally is an award you can achieve 
working contests but not a contest itself.
Ironham combines the 3 modes in a single weekend (almost like the ARI 
contest does) but 3 modes are not totally separated. In Triathlon-DX-Contest 
we work RTTY, SSB and CW not the time we like but in three sequential 
sections of  8 hours each. It is very similar with the original Triathlon 
multi sport event where there are 3 continuous and sequential endurance 
events games (swimming, cycling and running).
Beside this we give more points for the Greeks as it is a Greek contest.
Some of you asked about the date ... XE rtty contest starts at 18 utc when 
rtty section of Triathlon will have been finished. There is an overlap with 
Black Sea Cup International for 12 hours (it starts at 12 utc of Saturday) 
but as you know, we have contests all weekends and we can not do more on 
this. North American sprint on cw starts after the end of Triathlon.
Finally I want to promise as the contest manager that me and the committee 
we ʽll do our best for a honestly contest without cheating.
If you have further notices about things to correct in the rules, send me an 
email. We will talk with the commitee and i ' ll reply as soon as we get a 
Kostas SV1DPI
Triathlon-DX-Contest Manager

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