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Alan Dewey aldewey at aol.com
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I don't have a specific suggestion for you but I glad to know that I am not alone with my concern over 
recent keyboard design provided with desktops.  I have two recent DEL desktops at home and 
find the provided keyboard with each is less than optimal for contesting use.  I like the fact that 
these new keyboards take less space on the operatirng table but find them more error prone (at least for me) 
than the bigger keyboads with seperated keys.  Best solution would be some kind of compromise between 
size and key seperation.


Al, K0AD

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I know this subject has been covered before, but the market moves so 
apidly that data more than a year old is apt to be obsolete.
Here's my problem.  I just got a new Dell computer for the shack.  I am 
 hunt and peck typist with a high fat-finger rate.  The previous 
eyboard had nicely separated keytops, while the new one is much more 
ike a laptop.  As a consequence, my error rate is way up.  I can't use 
he old keyboard because it was PS/2, and my KVM switch doesn't 
ecognize it with an adapter.
What I'm looking for is recommendations for a wired or wireless USB 
eyboard that has widely separated keys like an 8-year-old Dell.  Please 
rop me a note off the reflector, and I'll summarize the responses I get.
3, Pete N4ZR
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