[CQ-Contest] Logs for RDXC

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Thu Mar 29 13:35:24 PDT 2012

I posted before my Bonaire trip that my log for RDXA had twice not been 
delivered to the RDXA address in the rules and that the webpage didn't 
work for me.  I got some replies that logs had some problems being 
delivered like mine, but others that went right through and I think said 
that they were acknowledged.  The deadline is 14 days so I suppose 
Sunday is the last date.  I spent several hours late last night removing 
some extraneous dashes that the logging program had inserted in the log 
and resubmitted the log early this morning (just after midnight).  I 
have not received an acknowledgment from a robot or otherwise.  Should I 
be concerned?  I won't be back home where the log is kept until late 
Friday night, but will try again this weekend if necessary.  Any 
suggestions are welcome.  73, John, K4BAI.

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