[CQ-Contest] Help HS ham needs boom piece

Jim McDonald jim at n7us.net
Wed Oct 3 16:04:12 EDT 2012

Since the length is the shipping issue, how about a couple of shorter pieces
and a coupler to connect them?

Or, if you can't find one locally, how about getting one from Japan?

Last idea - replace the entire boom with the same outer diameter, of course,
but sourced locally or from Japan.

Tubing is a commodity.

73, Jim N7US

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$700 seems excessive; however, shipping something that long to Thailand will
be expensive no matter what.

>From what Fedex.com says, it looks like about $500 is about what you should
expect to pay for the shipping alone for their International Economy
Someone who ships a lot with Fedex (or UPS or DHL) might be able to get
somewhat of a discount, but it will cost hundreds of dollars to ship
something of this size to Thailand regardless.

Are they including the price of the tubing in the $700 price? That would
still be very high in my opinion.

You could likely find a surface shipping method that would cost less (and
take a relative eternity), but the likelihood is that the tubing would end
up getting damaged and you'd be right back where you are now.

If you're going to purchase some other antennas or tubing to do your 10/6m
idea, ship that stuff and the replacement Hygain tube all together at the
same time to save shipping cost.


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I am trying to put my 205CA HyGain antenna back up after wind blew tower
over.  I need one boom piece, the 81 inch one from many HyGain yagis.
HyGain wants nearly $700 just to ship this item to me in Thailand !!!  Any
help will be appreciated.

Also, I would like to put up a 6meter and 10 meter interlaced yagi on top
with the hope of 6 meter priviledges awarded to HS soon.  Any ideas ?

Charly, HS0ZCW

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