[CQ-Contest] SKED

fabio.grisafi at libero.it fabio.grisafi at libero.it
Fri Oct 19 10:55:27 EDT 2012

Dear Randy,
first of all, congrats to you for the new direction of CQWW Contest. It will be a big effort but I am sure you will do it in the best way.
I have two questions that I think are of general interest, so I send this message to the CQ-Contest community as well.
Rules say, about M/S category, that "The Multiplier station cannot call CQ (solicit contacts)"
1) At 08Z I work B7P and I take a sked with them to work B7P on 160 meters at their sunrise, i.e. at 22Z on 1845KHz.What happens at 22Z?Can we call B7P on 1845KHz or we have to wait for his call? Maybe, if he his a M/S station as well, his RUN station will be on an other bandat that time.Our RUN station will be QRV on 40 meters calling CQ at 22Z and the station on 160 meters cannot be a RUN station as our QSO.Points/Hr rate would go down with a lot of 1 points QSOs there while on 40 meters it will be higher with many north american stations answering.
2) We work B7P on 1845 at 22Z, then an XX9YY station from Macao calls us on the same frequency.Can we make the QSO with XX9YY?
Thank you in advance for your reply. 
Best regards and CU in the next CQWW.
73 de Fabio, IT9GSF.


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