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Hello Fabio,

The CQWW Multi-Single category generates a lot of questions. You will find
the answers to the most common questions at

Please take a look and let me know if you still have any other questions.

Good luck in the contest next weekend.


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> Dear Randy,
> first of all, congrats to you for the new direction of CQWW Contest. It
> will be a big effort but I am sure you will do it in the best way.
> I have two questions that I think are of general interest, so I send this
> message to the CQ-Contest community as well.
> Rules say, about M/S category, that "The Multiplier station cannot call
> CQ (solicit contacts)"
> 1) At 08Z I work B7P and I take a sked with them to work B7P on 160
> meters at their sunrise, i.e. at 22Z on 1845KHz.What happens at 22Z?Can
> we call B7P on 1845KHz or we have to wait for his call? Maybe, if he his
> a M/S station as well, his RUN station will be on an other bandat that
> time.Our RUN station will be QRV on 40 meters calling CQ at 22Z and the
> station on 160 meters cannot be a RUN station as our QSO.Points/Hr rate
> would go down with a lot of 1 points QSOs there while on 40 meters it
> will be higher with many north american stations answering.
> 2) We work B7P on 1845 at 22Z, then an XX9YY station from Macao calls us
> on the same frequency.Can we make the QSO with XX9YY?
> Thank you in advance for your reply.
> Best regards and CU in the next CQWW.
> 73 de Fabio, IT9GSF.
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