[CQ-Contest] Bob Cox, K3EST, Retires as CQWW Contest Director

Christian Schneider prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Fri Sep 7 00:41:44 EDT 2012

Just an impression from the distant cheap seats in the little pistol part of
the audience: It looks like the director of Tour de France stepping down
wihtout a properly selected successor and at the same time the two leading
bikers are not allowed on the podium in the winner´s ceremony. Without facts
to both cases the audience is left to guessing and speculating which rarely
brings a good outcome. Of course those involved can act as they want - but
of course are responsible for all consesequences including unintended ones.
IMHO like in professional cycling acting secrecty doesn´t help much when
there is erosion of confidence in top runners.
So, enough from the distant seats of the audience.
73, Chris (DL8MBS)

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