[CQ-Contest] Fwd: Bob Cox, K3EST, Retires as CQWW Contest Director

Braco OE1EMS oe1ems at emssolutions.at
Fri Sep 7 11:08:16 EDT 2012

Hi Martin,

well of course we have to say tnx Bob for being with all of us for so long.

Unfortunately Bob left without a trace. It seems Doug KR2Q has left too!

I heard rumours about other CC members but am yet to receive any cfm!

And when asking another CC member, we get no answer - simply silence.

The present situation with CQ WW  is somewhat strange.

In recent years the CC has been encouraging competitors to support fair 
play, trying to improve the rules to prevent cheating etc etc

Today,  we see results with some TOP scores missing. articles appearing in 
CQ magazine differ from those published CQ web page..radio silence from the 
CC when questioned about the above.we hear rumours that some CC members have 
left and now finally we receive confirmation that Bob have moved on too.

I can only assume that something must be wrong.  I am not looking for 
someone to blame.  Simply asking to be informed of developments.  Even if 
somebody screwed up..it's ok..nobody's perfect, but this radio silence 
suggests there are secrets and special forces.....

73s Braco

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> "...special forces..." Wow.
> Are you talking about a new cold war chapter here...or, maybe about 
> planets
> that have "specially aligned" for this to happen?
> Have you read CQ News Room blog post. It says something about Bob being
> tired after 35 years of work. Nothing about special forces.
> Braco, did you say something about other members leaving the committee?
> We demand too much from contest organizers, but we seem to be helping very
> little here.
> Big Thanks to Bob, K3EST for leading the herd over the past thirty
> five years.
> I don't really imagine who would have the guts to take over his duties as 
> a
> CQ WW contest director.
> Vy 73.
> Martin, LU5DX
> On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 12:25 PM, Vladimir Umanets <ua9ba at mail.ru> wrote:
>> The question is why he left so suddenly?
>> 73s
>> Braco
>> E77DX /OE1EMS
>> It is one of the questions Braco. One other question I have about Bob's
>> retirement is why not one single CQWW CC member says something about it?
>> It looks more like a special forces operation rather than a normal change
>> of
>> directors of the biggest amateur radio contests in the world. Why? Is
>> everything
>> that bad in our hobby? Why Randy called it "the end of era"? What era
>> Randy are
>> you talking about? Does that mean the new director will implement totaly
>> new
>> policy and approaches? I like the way  CQWW has been developing into what
>> it is now.
>> I hope it will continue developing like before.
>> As to me Bob has deserved a Big thank you from us all contesters to say
>> the least.
>> May be at some critical points Bob didn't act accordingly, but we all 
>> make
>> mistakes,
>> even the Kings. TNX Bob for all your efforts you've put into making CQWW
>> what it is now!
>>  73's & GL, Willy UA9BA
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