[CQ-Contest] : Reverse beacon of my own call?

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mymts.net
Fri Jul 26 07:44:31 EDT 2013

Here's a different take on the whole RBN to monitor oneself argument.

I think KU8E is correct in pointing out that it is unlikely to alter
competitive score at all, however...

I believe a single-op unassisted is, whether the rules intend it or not,
breaking the rules by using RBN to monitor only himself, but it has nothing
to do with the rules pertaining to RBN.

The rules define alerting assistance as an external system that provides
callsign, frequency AND multiplier information. I do not believe that an RBN
monitor set to filter out all but your call does that. You know your
frequency, you know your callsign and you know whether or not you are a
multiplier to yourself (which, of course, you can never be, since you can
never work yourself).

However, the receivers comprising the RBN you're using are essentially
remote receivers, governed by the 500-metre rule, and hence not allowed for
SO unassisted.

Now, before you ask why then does that not bar use of RBN in other classes,
it's because RBN and other such networks are specifically permitted in the
classes permitting them. That specific permission creates an exception to
the 500-metre rule.

But that specific permission is absent in the SO Unassisted category.

73, kelly

On 7/25/13 11:46 PM, "Tom Osborne" <w7why at frontier.com> wrote:

> Personally I don't think using the RBN to see how loud you are is really
> going to make any difference in your score.
> 1) Because you are monitoring your signal strength on the band you are CQing
> on and you have set the filter to display ONLY your call sign.
> 2) Most of the serious single operators are using two radios anyway so they
> know what the propagation is like on the bands they aren't running on.
> Jeff KU8E
> Hi Jeff
> And, heaven forbid, to check propagation you might even listen to one of the
> NCDXC beacons and that just might tell you where the band is open.
> If it can't....well I feel sorry for you :-)  73
> Tom W7WHY
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