[CQ-Contest] [FCG] CQ WW Rules and SCP

Richard F DiDonna NN3W richnn3w at verizon.net
Mon Jun 17 16:48:39 EDT 2013

I'm having a slight issue with one thing you've written Bob.  You wrote 
that it is "not OK to go back and correct this after the fact."  This 
seems at odds with what I have heard stations say for years: namely that 
if you make a change during the contest in in the minutes immediately 
after the contest, its OK.  Indeed, in WRTC, you're allowed 30 minutes 
to make corrections and to enter in any notes that you made during the 

Two examples come to mind:
in CQWW, you work HG108DX on one band but you entered the call into your 
log as HG109DX.  You work him three hours later on a different band yet 
your worked call history shows you have never worked HG108DX, but you 
KNOW you worked him.  A quick scan of partials indicates you purportedly 
worked HG109DX, but you know now this to be wrong.  My understanding is 
that you've always been able to make this correction during  the contest.

In ARRL DX (from the W/VE side), you work GW4BLE and you enter 59 100 as 
his power.  Three hours later, you work GW4BLE and you clearly hear him 
say 59 400 which conflicts with what you think he said earlier.  A 
verbal confirmation that 59 400 is correct and has been correct leads 
you to change what you entered in the first QSO.  Again, my 
understanding is that you've always been able to make this correction 
during the contest.

73 Rich NN3W

On 6/17/2013 1:32 PM, w5ov at w5ov.com wrote:
> I am curious how these scenarios are being read into rules that say
> nothing about correcting typos or using SCP?
> "Check Partial" or "Super Check Partial" doesn't ever "log" anything. The
> operator chooses a suggested callsign and then *HE* logs that, but it is
> not CP or SCP doing the logging.
> The rule is strictly on using *outside* means of analyzing and correcting
> your log. If *you* figure out that *you* made a typo, that's not what this
> rule is talking about - is it?
> Even so, the rest of the pertinent section says:
>       VIII.9 All logging must be performed in real time.
>       VIII.10. Call signs logged must be the same as those exchanged
>                over the air by the entrants during the QSO.
> Q: How does that affect the above?
> A: Let's say that you log and work K1ABZ during the contest. Later, you
> somehow realize you should misheard his callsign and it should have been
> K1ABC.  In this scenario, you said "K1ABZ" (Alpha Bravo Zulu) on the air
> and logged K1ABZ. It is not OK to go back and correct this after the fact.
> You made an error - clearly. Fixing it after the fact does not undo the
> error - does it?
> One thing that is quite different is that with the advent of SDR, the
> committee can hear virtually every qso that takes place.
> W5OV

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