[CQ-Contest] CQ WPX rules, it finally happened

Ward Silver hwardsil at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 11:59:53 EST 2014

John KK9A - thank you for noticing I said "frequently".  I don't mean
everyone has to ID every time or that 3 QSOs is a magic limit and
IDing on the 4th QSO is a DQ-able offense.  There are lots of
scenarios - like working a quick loud pile of sudden callers or a
steady, disciplined pileup - in which going four or five QSOs between
IDs is fine.

We all have to be our own judge of what is and isn't sufficiently
frequently.  A dozen QSOs or more than a minute = not frequently
enough.  There are some who think that "it's on the Internet so
everybody knows my call."  Whether or not the rule should be a time
limit or number of QSOs, what's important is that the practice has
been identified as abusive and should be reined in.  Putting a 70 mph
speed limit sign on the highway doesn't result in a ticket for going
71 but it does establish an expected behavior and flagrant offenders
get pulled over.  That "rule of the road" seems to work fairly well
and that's what is needed here.

As far as the PJ4Q score - against much larger stations we did just
great from a "Field Day" setup and we also had one of the Top Ten rate
hours in M2 according to R5GA's analyzer.  If sending a call sign
every time slowed us down, I didn't notice :-)

73, Ward N0AX

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