[CQ-Contest] N1MM Software - FT-1000 communication

FritzOAQ fritz at k4oaq.com
Fri Nov 21 23:33:06 EST 2014

Tks to all who responded. You guys are great! I'm a little embarrassed to
report that all I needed to do was use my 25-9 pin adapter hiding over in
the corner to connect the FIF-232C box to the computer. After a couple
guesses in N1MM as to which com port I'd plugged it into, all is working
great. I gess it stopped wking 10 yrs ago cause I forgot to turn on the
FIF-232C box :) Now if the wx warms up, my rotor wakes up after a 10 year
nap & the antenna gets up off the ground, I'll be in business.
Fritz K4OAQ

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