[CQ-Contest] Fire at K0RF Residence

W0ua at aol.com W0ua at aol.com
Wed Aug 19 18:06:13 EDT 2015

I was hoping to keep this (relatively) quiet for a day or two, at  
least...but, it seems already to have gone viral.  Here's the  news-story in the 
local paper:

This happened Tuesday evening.  I was entirely unaware of it  until Chuck 
called early this AM.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.    Chuck's XYL and 
daughter were in the house, but it was too late for local  containment when they 
became aware of it.  It seems to have originated in  the laundry-room and 
worked through the residential premises--away from the  radio-room, which is on 
the opposite end of the residence.  At this time,  we believe the 
"radio-wing" received no direct effect from the  fire.  And--just to clarify a 
mis-report by the local paper:  The  dryer was NOT external to the house!  It's in 
the  laundry-room, exactly where you'd expect it to be.  Notice also, that 
the  house has a shake-type roof, providing abundant fuel for the fire, once 
it got  to that level.
As you can imagine, Chuck and family are wrestling with some fundamental  
issues;  When we spoke this AM, they were shopping for clothes (after  
sleeping in a motel room) as they couldn't get into the house to see if any  of 
theirs had survived.  He's speaking to the fire marshal and  insurance 
investigators/ representatives as I write this.
I've already received several calls and e-mails of support and  
well-wishes.  If you would like to pass along your well-wishes for Chuck  and family,  
please send them to my e-mail address:
_w0ua at aol.com_ (mailto:w0ua at aol.com) 
I'll make certain they all get to Chuck--and I know he will be  wonderfully 
moved and grateful for your thoughts and support.   Meanwhile, he can be 
free to attend to the myriad basic and pressing  issues, all of which require 
his immediate attention.  
Thanks & 73,
George Schultz

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