[CQ-Contest] Sourcing ferrites and flooded heat shrink

Wayne Kline w3ea at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 22 06:59:01 EDT 2015

Hi Peter

  I have found Ebay a good source for flooded /Adheasive  heat shrink tubeing .
The vender I have used had different  colors .
I also have scored  ferrites on EBay.   YMMV.  On that !

GL. On your projects
Wayne. W3EA

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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Sourcing ferrites and flooded heat shrink
> Hi all,
> I’ve got a few projects on the go during the summer season and I’m trying to
> find sources for the right items that would be useful to hams. First off,
> I’m trying to put out some rather serious RFI fires with ferrites. I’ve used
> up all the ones I bought 10+ years ago and I didn’t keep the packaging to
> record the part numbers. I’m after Mix 31 torroids (Fair-Rite) with
> diameters from 1” to about 2 or 2.5” and snap-ons in various sizes from 1/8”
> to ½” (and are any specifically sized for .405” coax?). Maybe I’m going
> senile in my old age, but I just can’t find what I’m looking for in their
> online catalogue.
> Second thing I’m after is some flooded heat shrink for weatherproofing coax
> fittings. At least I think that’s the correct terminology. I recall putting
> on some Andrews N-connectors back in the day and the small section of heat
> shrink provided was really nice stuff.
> Thanks in advance.
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