[CQ-Contest] Posting Scores

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 27 09:46:44 EDT 2015

While we are on the subject of the need to "give back" for those using
internet tools, how about "spotting what you hear" if you are using packet
cluster in an SSB contest.  For CW, with RBN, the cluster has become
essentially useless from what I have observed from the receiving end.  But
for SSB, you still have the "lag factor" which can often go on for as much
as half an hour, before the inevitable "packet pile up" appears.  Lets make
SSB spots less of an "old boys club" and more fair for all stations to be
spotted when heard.  Don't assume - the other guy is going to spot it.  Go
ahead and spot it when you hear it.  


If we are of the mind that packet is here to stay and to be embraced, its
time to make sure the use of it is fair.


Clearly, virtually no one is spotting every station they hear in an SSB
contest, so what is the decision making that people use to dece whether to
spot or not - when contesting assisted?


Ed  N1UR (NV1N)  All spots appreciated.

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