[CQ-Contest] Absurd Rule in NAQP

Stephen Bloom sbloom at acsalaska.net
Tue Jan 19 02:02:56 EST 2016

Hi Gerry:

Low power contests are a slog from the Northland ..no doubt about it
..especially on SSB ..but I am wondering what bands you were trying at what
times?  We had a couple of folks operating from the Fairbanks area, which is
about the same latitude as Whitehorse, and I would think had similar prop.
I know they were able to run some on 15M and 20M ..15M was the hot band
..such as it was.  Up here ..as a band opens ...I s&p some ...mostly
unsuccessfully since early in an opening ..antennas won't be pointed this
way ..plus we are in general ..subject to a lot of one way
propagation...then.. if that starts getting better (it usually will on 15M
and 20M ..10M often gives the impression of opening ..then just doesn't)
..at some point ... you pick what seems like a clear frequency ...and fire
up the repeat CQ.  The problem of course is that what is clear to us ..may
not be in the lower 48 ..so if nothing happens after a few ..you either try
another run frequency right away if you are SO2R or S&P for a few if you
aren't.  Eventually you will get a run going ..all things being equal .. ops
will be S&Ping for the Mult.  WL7F managed 500 plus Qs ..they were
technically M/S ..true multiple ops ..no spotting ..but their score would
have been similar as SO.  Contesting up here is just so different ..which I
suppose (along with the passing of Rich KL7RA) is the reason I'm planning on
traveling for the biggies next season ..but it is doable ..even with low

Steve KL7SB

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Thanks for that QSO, by the way, Tom!

I made one, exactly one, QSO from VY1AAA in Phone NAQP.   That's the
consequence of "Boy and his radio" when people do not S&P.  So, I found the
Football games more interesting, and stayed off the radio.  I could call
till I'm blue in the face and no one would come back.   I thought about
using the KW and submitting a check log -- for about 10 seconds.

W2FU must of been Multi-two in NAQP CW, because 10 seconds after I called CQ
on any band, they were there.  The RBN is very efficient -- and is another
tool for those who like it. I like it in a lot of contests.

When you are weak, and people don't point antennas, then spotting makes the
game more interesting.

I would not have a problem with SOA in NAQP... but I'm probably not in the

I had more fun running a couple hundred Eu guys in the HA contest on CW from
the east coast Saturday morning than in NAQP Phone.  That's just my


Gerry W1VE
aka VY1AAA sometimes

On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 12:37 PM, Tom Osborne <w7why at frontier.com> wrote:

> I have to agree with Tom.
> During the NAQP CW, I came across VY1AAA calling CQ with hardly any 
> callers.  Got him on the first call.
> Sure different from contests using the RBN where there would have been 
> a massive pileup and my chances of getting him would have been slim to 
> none.
> The NAQP was created to be a low power, no spotting contest.  That is 
> it's flavor and we should keep it that
> way. Wish they were all like that :-)   73
> Tom W7WHY
>>  Tom Haavisto wrote:
>>     I enjoy operating without having to deal with the cluster fed
>>     pileups.  One
>>     can run with minimal pileups.  One can S&P without having to duke
>>     it out
>>     with 50 other stations who just clicked on a spot the moment a
>>     station was
>>     spotted.
>>     This is the flavour of the contest - lets leave it the way it is!
>>     Tom - VE3CX
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