[CQ-Contest] All the Assisted ops, where do they all come from?

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You bring up a good point, but let's look at this like a lawyer ;-).... 

Now, I'm NOT a lawyer, but using the "guy on Samoa" as the analogy I raise a question; would the KH8 likely get more QSOs in a contest if he was spotted, (which, BTW, uses the internet), or without being spotted? As a contester you already know the answer to that one! Whether he intended to or not, he is benefiting from the internet based spots, and will most certainly receive more QSOs than an equivalent station that is NOT spotted. I don't see how one can argue against that one! There is certainly no intent to benefit from the spots (he didn't ask to be spotted"), but he received a benefit just the same. 

Of course there is no way to control whether or not a station is spotted, especially on CW or RTTY with the robots listening in. I'm not sure there is an answer, except perhaps banning Unassisted operators from running, keeping them as S&P only. 

Just some dialog on the subject..... Any lawyers that can weigh in on this? ;-) 


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Let's get real guys, 

The single op unassisted category says that no external means (internet, RF or whatever) can be used to assist in making a QSO. Just because someone else spots you has nothing to do with you being assisted. 

Consider if a lonely Samoan native ham, running a simple rig into a small dipole wants to make some contacts in a DX contest. Since he is rare DX, and even if he didn't call CQ, he would get spotted in a flash. Would you really then consider him assisted? . 

The thought that since he made some QSOs by others calling him, since he was spotted, is a long stretch saying that he is now in the assisted category... 

My 2 cents. 


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You bring up a great point, Ken! I had never thought of it that way, and you are right. The only way an unassisted station can say he is truly unassisted is to not be spotted by another operator, or by a robot. I guess one needs to clarify the rules that unassisted stations cannot run, they must stick with strictly S&P. Makes sense to me! 


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The common definition of Assistance refers to single operators who use 
cluster spots, run their own skimmers or get some kind of outside help to find 
stations. On CW and RTTY the spots are now gathered by skimmer robots 
which efficiently skim up almost everything. On phone they are generated 
manually by humans so there are fewer spots, but all the big running stations 
and other significant stations get spotted. 

This Assistance is just one side of the coin, however. The other side is 
the running stations who get spotted. They count on being spotted to 
generate those huge runs and scores and if they claim to be Unassisted they are 
not being honest. These operators are also Assisted. 

The only truly Unassisted stations are those single operators doing only 
traditional S&P. These are often small operations and certainly do not 
include the big, famous winning stations that dominate the competitions. 

Given these definitions, the majority of single operator stations are 
Assisted which is why the two categories are converging, like it or not, and 
why Unassisted should be eliminated 

Ken, AB1J 

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